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The Last Ship

KEY ART: Sting's latest album art began as key art designs for the musical currently playing on Broadway. These are proposed designs created during the process.

Designed at SpotCo; Creative Direction: Vinny Sainato

The Last Ship

ALBUM ART: Design for Sting's latest album, his first album of original songs in a decade. Designed Standard, Deluxe, and Superdeluxe edition CD packaging, vinyl packaging, single art, Live at The Public Theater DVD packaging, posters, ads, and disc labels.

Designed at SpotCo and Universal Music Group; Creative Direction: Drew Hodges; Photography by Frank Ockenfels 3. Product shot by Darren Cox.

My Dinner with Moonassi

BOOK DESIGN and LETTERING: I was honored to co-design the 33rd American Illustration annual, featuring the very best illustration of 2014. Features include metallic ink! pink end papers! hand-lettered juror names! hundreds of full color illustrations!

Designed with Len Small; Cover illustration: Daehyun Kim. Photos courtesy of Mark Heflin at AI-AP.

'S Wonderful

LETTERING and ILLUSTRATION for KEY ART: Logotype and Eiffel Tower illustration for the new Broadway musical.

Design by Serino Coyne; Main illustration: Don Oehl; Creative Direction: Vinny Sainato and Michelle Willems

'S Vengeance

KEY ART: Alternate design for The Visit, the latest Broadway staging of Kander & Ebb's musical, starring Chita Rivera.

Designed for Serino Coyne; Creative Direction: Michelle Willems

We Remember Leonard

KEY ART: Alternate design for The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey, a fantastic Off-Broadway one-man play.


KEY ART: Design for Sommerfugl, a new play, the story of a one-of-a-kind love triangle at InViolet Rep this fall.

Salon des Réfusés

KEY ART and TITLES: Mostly alternate title treatments for theater projects.
All type made by me.

The Wild Oats Project

LETTERING for BOOK COVER: Self-explanatory, wouldn't you say? Availabe for pre-order.

Design and Direction: Jenny Carrow

The Norton Anthology of Drama

BOOK COVER DESIGN: Final designs for the newest editions of the Norton Anthology of Drama.

Art Direction: Debra Morton-Hoyt

The Norton Anthology of Drama

LETTERING for BOOK COVER: Alternate type designs for the Norton Anthology of Drama.

Round House Theatre

INSTITUTIONAL KEY ART: In reinventing their brand and welcoming a new Artistic Director, Round House Theatre wanted a bold, eye-catching new look. See the whole 2013-14 season here, and the 2014-15 season here.

Round House Theatre Season

INSTITUTIONAL KEY ART: Alternate designs for the Roundhouse Theatre season.

REP Stage

INSTITUTIONAL KEY ART: REP Stage's new season art!

Much Ado About Nothing type treatment, Art Deco style Title treatment for Guthrie Theater's Sunshine Boys Title treatment for Guthrie Theater's Hay Fever Title treatment for Guthrie Theater's Hay Fever Title treatment for Guthrie Theater's Amen Corner Much Ado About Nothing type treatment, Art Deco style, version 2 Title treatment for Guthrie Theater's Roman Holiday Much Ado About Nothing type treatment, Art Deco style, version 2

Guthrie Theater Season

INSTITUTIONAL KEY ART: Title treatments for the 2011-2012 season at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN. The Guthrie asked for a unified season look this year and Nicky Lindeman devised a grid system using black and white title treatemnts and pairing them with inexpensive stock photography. Together Nicky and I designed the whole season's key art in one fell swoop. Here is the whole season's art.

Designed at SpotCo with Nicky Lindeman; Creative Direction: Vinny Sainato

Love Wins

KEY ART: Poster and New York Times ad for the Broadway musical Rocky. Poster was on Funny Or Die!

Designed at SpotCo; Copy by Sharyn Rothstein; Creative Direction: Vinny Sainato; Photography by Nigel Parry

All the lonely people

KEY ART and TV SPOT: The Broadway revival of the classic Inge play. Collaborated with Craig Shaloiko and Darren Cox on this tv spot based on the chosen key art (left).

Designed at SpotCo; Creative Direction: Vinny Sainato; Photography by Jason Bell

windowcard for Matilda

Trunchbull v. Wormwood

KEY ART: Proposed key art for Matilda, a new musical based on Roald Dahl's book.

Designed at SpotCo (comp on right designed with Paul Jeffrey); Creative Direction: Vinny Sainato

Look Up

KEY ART: Proposed key art for the 2011 Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden, featuring the the lovely vertical gardens by Patrick Blanc.

Designed at SpotCo; Creative Direction: Vinny Sainato

I may not get there with you...

KEY ART: A play by Katori Hall imagining a conversation between a Lorraine Motel chambermaid and Martin Luther King, Jr. on the night before he is to be assissinated. Marquee of the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre.

Designed at SpotCo; Creative Direction: Drew Hodges and Vinny Sainato
Photography by Mary Ellen Mark

A house divided

KEY ART: Proposed art for the new MTC production of Ibsen's political classic about about truth and popular opinion.

Designed at SpotCo; Creative Direction: Vinny Sainato; copy by Sharyn Rothstein; Photography by Henry Leutwyler

windowcard for Peer Gynt at the Guthrie Theater

Peer Gynt

KEY ART: Peer Gynt by Ibsen, performed at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN and starring Mark Rylance.

Designed at SpotCo with Gail Anderson
Featured in STEP Inside Design, June, 2008 and 365: AIGA Year in Design 29; one the works Ms. Anderson chose to feature in her AIGA profile.

I've had a few...

KEY ART: for a new play by Matt Charman for MTC at New York City Center.

Designed at SpotCo with Nicky Lindeman; Creative Direction: Vinny Sainato; Retouching by Rob Kolb; copy by Sharyn Rothstein


LOGOS and IDENTITIES: Various logos for various people, various places, various things.

 Cast page for Hair's program. Handmade typeAquarius spread in Hair program

Love Will Steer the Stars

LETTERING and PROGRAM DESIGN: Spreads from the program for the Tony-winning Broadway revival of Hair.

Designed at Rogers Eckersley Design (RED) for Creative Goods; Art Direction: Sam Eckersley; Photography by Joan Marcus, Chase Newhart, and Robert J. Saferstein

A Cavalcade of Stars

INFORMATION GRAPHIC: Created for the 2014 Tony Awards show program.

Designed for SpotCo

Everything in the world

DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD: This double truck in The New York Times was the basis for a series of season ads for the 92Y, a New York cultural institution featuring an eclectic line-up of lectures, concerts, classes, talks, camps, festivals, performances, holidays, etc.

Whiff of Uncertainty: Urban Odor Canopy of Dunkin' Donuts. This is my favorite piece I've ever designed. For Scott Stowell's (awesome) class, Explaining Yourself

The Whiff of Uncertainty

INFORMATION GRAPHIC: During the school semester, a classmate and I would take the same path to the subway home every night, and every night there would be a moment along the way where we caught the distinctive scent of baking at Dunkin’ Donuts. For 11 nights, I recorded the time, location, and duration of the smell and then documented the weather conditions for that time and place, looking for a pattern. Alas, the study was inconclusive.

Featured on First Nerve, Avery Gilbert's blog on the science of smell, and on Mapping Weird Stuff.

Designed as a class assignment; instructor: Scott Stowell

Selected Clients

Serino Coyne
Roundabout Theater Company
Atlantic Theater Company
MasterVoices (formerly The Collegiate Chorale)
Round House Theatre
REP Stage
New York City Opera
Saks Fifth Avenue
Farrar, Straus, & Giroux
W. W. Norton & Company
Nautilus Magazine
Universal Music Group
The New York Public Library
Union Square Hospitality Group
The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild


Available as a pdf (150kb).


Hello, I'm Esther. I'm a graphic designer from Philadelphia, now based in Brooklyn. I studied Biology at Penn State, then moved to New York to work in a lab. I decided to study graphic design and a little while later received an MFA in Design at SVA. I'm available for freelance design and lettering work. Please drop me a line at mail(at)estherwu(dot)com.